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File: 1509767031415.png–(89.92KB, 801x481, 1pdbvtl5b1urc0kg4cs.png)
No.215  [Reply]
Christ, what happened to this place? I leave for a couple of years and the entire site has gone to shit. Where are all of the boards? Where's the camwhores? Where's my robot with a top hat?
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¨ No.592
I bought a computer case from a company called CUK, Computer Upgrade King.

My case is such a cuck.
¨ No.661
8chans aight, some of 4chan's specialty boards are aight too.

I'm too old to care about being a superior intellectual channer anymore. I'll visit whatever.
¨ No.663
The decline in quality on 4chan and 8chan is due to paid Russian posters. Same shit that happened on runet when Putin started paying folks to post propaganda back in the mid to late 00's. They either brainwash people or they disgust people into leaving so it becomes an echo chamber controlled by them.

File: 1514784685034.jpg–(8.51KB, 228x251, strawburry.jpg)
No.605  [Reply]
Happy new year! I care about all 8 or 9 of you greatly, and I hope you had a good time. This thread will probably still be around to wish you all good luck in 2019 as well, assuming the site doesn't implode again.
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¨ No.615
I appreciated it
¨ No.616
Fuck off
¨ No.660
1515586920822.jpg–(8.17KB, 384x288, 125741577629.jpg)
Thanks, you fucking nigger.

File: 1515277195472.jpg–(61.81KB, 720x960, 85339306.jpg)
No.635  [Reply]
hello world
¨ No.637
print('Hello World')
Hello World
¨ No.643
There's a homeless dude near me who has a sign that reads "I just want cheeseburgers."

File: 1506864849902.jpg–(405.78KB, 1765x1352, 013.jpg)
No.16  [Reply]
In this thread we are drunk and post art.
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¨ No.397
1511816971189.jpg–(264.14KB, 1456x1028, white.jpeg)

¨ No.602
1514753788211.jpg–(759.38KB, 2000x2000, 1444421384372.jpg)
You brought this bump upon yourselves.

Fuck you all for your lack of class and understanding of anything.

¨ No.629
1515213435219.jpg–(308.32KB, 1920x1200, f73a9088677cf64b2b6b9f4b54a612fcb334e29782804ff6e8)
Revisiting the novel these days and relating to it a lot more. Someone actually fucking made an audiobook out of that. You can find it on youtube. The maker offers it for free to download.

Be warned, it is read in the most monotone voice you will ever hear.

File: 1507944413669.jpg–(35.29KB, 640x634, IMG_1505096280189.jpg)
No.81  [Reply]
Let's list the number of STDs we've had.

I've had:
Chlamydia (x2)
Throat gonorrhea
HPV (genital and anal)
Herpes (oral and genital)
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¨ No.136
None, fam. ya boi clean
¨ No.599
1514704751668.gif–(5.22MB, 540x304, lolibooru%20150147%20nude_filter%20orange_hair%20p)
I wish was promiscuous enough to even be at risk for STDs.

I have an absolutely disgusting mouth (gum disease and shit), and I once gave a chick a yeast infection AND a UTI after tongue-punching her urethra. She forgave me though, because I made her squirt for the first time in her life.
¨ No.600
I give girls UTIs every time I have unprotected sex, because I only shower once a week and don't change my underwear often.

File: 1509881283962.jpg–(101.80KB, 1000x750, MyPal2-302.JPG)
No.227  [Reply]
Did anyone else here get a My Pal 2000 for Christmas 1999?
¨ No.587
¨ No.590
I got stretchy underwear and a candy bar.
¨ No.596
1514699873015.jpg–(14.13KB, 277x300, 2-XL.jpg)
No, but I had one of these and it was fucking rad.

File: 1514514833411.png–(505.67KB, 1334x750, 374BBE4E-5945-4E22-BB2B-6BA97E703FDD.png)
No.577  [Reply]
¨ No.579

File: 1514227741857.jpg–(292.68KB, 1280x1280, Psilocybe_semilanceata_6514.jpg)
No.545  [Reply]
We need to get this information out to humankind:

From the dawn of mankind man has understood nature structured mankind for the use of shamanism. It was the psychedelics themselves that gave man this information. Only recently governments have shunned this knowledge and decided to forbid it to satisfy their own selfish deeds.

There is only one thing you ever need to know about shamanism and it is sick that they did not tell you this in school:

Shamanism is taking a psychedelic substance in the combination of smoking cannabis while under the influence of the psychedelic, and doing this while you are alone, not in the company of others. Taking separately these two substances do not work.

This will cure the individual from mental illness caused by the ego, curing the person from anger, sadness, misunderstanding and evil deeds. If the person took a large enough dose these evil mindforms explained above will not return to the user again to torture them, and the person will be cured from them, and will not need to take these substances again to stay cured and live a problemless life. Also if you cry often and don't know why, psychedelics will heal that illness.

Cannabis and psychedelics like psilocybin containing mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, ayahuasca and DMT are not drugs you will notice upon their shamanic use. Cannabis is not a drug but is a shamanic herb. Psychedelics are medicine to repair the subconscious.

This is a good method to do it, preroll many spliffs or joints or whatever you call a cannabis or marihuana cigarette, maybe 10 at least. Then dose the psychedelic, and when you feel the psychedelic start rising, maybe 20-60 minutes after dosing, start smoking a joint of cannabis. Then smoke throughout the trip, so you are constantly stoned on weed throughout the psychedelic trip. It is adviceable to roll them beforehand as they are easier to roll clear-headed. Also do not take any coffee or other caffeinated brews or drinks during the trip as it may make you too nervous and restless. Also watch out that if you do not take cannabis during the trip you might not be able to focus and may flip out instead, it seems cannabis is mandatory to take during a psychedelic trip.

One effect of the psychedelics should be explained beforehand, to prevent misunderstanding and trauma. Often you may read in different literatures that LSD or other psychedelics may cause seizures. This is not so, if something that reminds of a seizure happens, it's the energies in your chakra system that starts to spin and unblock or kill off blockades that you had in that system, if this happens just breathe calmly and let the blockades die off, until the effect stops. If this happens it's healing taking place, and is not a bad thing.
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¨ No.568
Normies won't believe you, no point in trying. The true is, most people enjoy the comforting lie that they are tiny humans and even if they do ingest a hallucinogen they wont do it alone with self exploration in mind.

Your stuck understanding what reality really is surrounded by sleeping fractals of your own self. fnord.
¨ No.569
1514362444410.gif–(946.74KB, 436x469, f9bd8a3dc3147d9650471be589d5a660.gif)
>The true is, most people enjoy the comforting lie that they are tiny humans

How retarded can you possibly be? Most people buy into this magical fairy religious shit precisely because the idea that everything is mundane terrifies the fuck out of them. It might be scary to believe there is no magic in the world, but running away from that truth only makes you a coward.

Hallucinogens are a neurotoxin, not much different than the venom many fauna use to defend themselves from attack, cooked in the crucible of natural adaptation and selection. The only difference is that we're big/complex enough that it doesn't kill us outright. The reason why most people only do it once or twice is because it's a harrowing, unpleasant experience (like any poison would be), and they either pretend to like it because of peer pressure or they genuinely like it, the same way some women enjoy anal sex. Believing that it's mystical magical fairy dust is even more retarded than Mormons believing drinking soda will prevent you from becoming a star baby when you die.

There's so much beauty in the world, and you don't need brain poison to see them. One can only hope that your brain isn't too damaged to see them.

Also, generalizing "primitive societies" as if every paleolithic human was exactly the same all over the world is also the sort of pseudo-historical hippie cockjuice that makes you look like nothing more than a joke.

In other words, stop being a fucking idiot.
¨ No.575
You have no idea what your talking about. Psilocybin is orally digestible and the body breaks that down into psilocin which acts like a neurotransmitter. Neurotoxic venom disrupts the signals between the body and brain, it doesn't act as a transmitter but the opposite, a disruptor.

Now nowhere did I claim anything magical, to anyone whos taken it my words hold a deeper communicative meaning, theres no need to explain it, but for you I will try. We have no idea what hullicinations are and what exactly is going on with these experiences, I would argue its disrupting your brains survival focus allowing you a higher ability to realize background information the brain is filtering out to keep you focused on maintaining your ability to survive, when you disrupt this the brain then allows for perception to be increased and you can focus on more sensory data and pick up the information in the brain.

Mushrooms aren't toxic and some people enjoy them, I prefer to do my doses alone with 5+ gram doses. Nothing magical about it, its quantum. And you really think if people understood that everything they worked for and believed in was an utter lie most of them would proceed to freak the fuck out. But you keep on believing whatever you want, maybe one day you will trip on 5+ and become aware of things you weren't meant to.>>569

File: 1514135499901.jpg–(1.30MB, 1177x1631, sleeping at the computer.jpg)
No.534  [Reply]
Tell me about your xmas anon. I'm listening intently.
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¨ No.540
Come Christmas morning I will open my presents, eat breakfast with the family, then walk a mile to the town playground to do my usual routine of curlups, pullups and pushups. Tonight has been a rather comfy evening of browsing imageboards and taking in the holiday cheer.
¨ No.542
I am extremely depressed, kept awake in my childhood home by the anguish of my family falling apart and regrets stirred up by sense memory. This happens every Christmas but it's much worse this year. Particularly hurting is the thought of a high school crush and great friendship I ruined, it was a /docta/ post 6+ years ago.
¨ No.544
i'm assuming you went back to or are still around your family - why even spend chrimbus with them at all? treat yoself to something

File: 1513460086801.jpg–(200.10KB, 1349x1600, naked midget female on a weird pose with a sword.j)
No.490  [Reply]
Lets post weird pictures. This picture is so weird.
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¨ No.522
1513910328726.jpg–(75.61KB, 500x615, summary of a mans life.jpg)
A long time ago there was a threat here that asked people to sum up their lives in a picture.
¨ No.523
1513914471039.jpg–(72.58KB, 600x800, 17909354_p0.jpg)
the lady neither begins nor ends, the oroborous of people
¨ No.532
That's just gay.

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