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File: 1493847151641.jpg–(45.02KB, 400x596, pic related its a vampire chick.jpg)
No.61  [Reply]
If you could become a vampire would you? Would it be worth it? I've always wished that it was a real thing.
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¨ No.300
Not all Vampires are the super elite high society type, although there are very few that don't have an air of supremacy. Particularly in anime and other Japanese fiction, vampires are more on the violent side and bestial in nature.
¨ No.308
heck yeah pal
¨ No.313
Yeah, I like drinking peoples blood but it doesn't do anything for me yet. It's be nice if it could boost my strength.

File: 1495573647409.jpg–(38.57KB, 640x711, hitler.jpg)
No.309  [Reply]
ecks my dee
¨ No.312
he was a bad painter I have no regrets.

File: 1493544349015.jpg–(23.92KB, 300x277, 1465717170670.jpg)
No.22  [Reply]
This thread is its own board called /0/ where we talk about nihilistic shit like the non-existence of everything, the meaningless futility of said non-existence, and how we'll eventually kill ourselves.

Also how we're gonna have a couple of yukks in the meantime.

*Fart noises*

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¨ No.219

Your metaphysics still leads to the issue of how "physical" "reality" and matter even distinguished itself from "nothing" as "something" when the issue of quantum uncertainty is still at large.

>see this whole thread you cosmological dick
¨ No.248
1495080692427.jpg–(81.98KB, 415x305, 1251066785725.jpg)
>A random assortment of nihilistic (sub)genres/acts

Ambient (Brian Eno, Vektordrum, Oneohtrix Point Never)

Ambient House (The Orb, The KLF, Boards of Canada, Yellow Magic Orchestra)

Ambient Industrial (The Halfer Trio, Nocturnal Emissions, Zoviet France)

Ambient Noise (Arcane Device, Aube, PGR)

Beach Goth (The Growlers, The Hiya Dunes, Dr. Devito)

Blackgaze (Alcest, Bosse-De-Nage, Deafhaven)

Bummer Punk (GME, Toner, Planet Death)
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¨ No.290
1495493385447.gif–(0.95MB, 350x350, 1456715463402.gif)
>A arbitrary assortment of nihilistic plays

Three Sisters - Chekhov

Long Day's Journey Into Night - O'Neil

Six Characters in Search of an Author - Pirandello

The Birthday Party - Pinter

Waiting For Godot - Beckett

Ubu Roi - Jarry

File: 1495462530110.png–(601.30KB, 1366x768, 99chan wut.png)
No.282  [Reply]
What the fuck happened here?

File: 1495429922957.jpg–(128.67KB, 550x652, 4424762_orig.jpg)
No.277  [Reply]
i haven't been here in multiple years and i can't say i'm surprised with what happened here. honestly i like it better this way, the end.
¨ No.281
It's not the end! It's just part of our evolution!

File: 1495365883284.png–(697.91KB, 569x786, kcbs.png)
No.268  [Reply]

¨ No.269
oh my god that is so edgy i want to have his sexy babies
¨ No.275
1495426012492.jpg–(114.11KB, 425x567, 7chanwelcome.jpg)
We 7chan again?

File: 1495137956262.jpg–(136.70KB, 1920x1080, Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.jpg)
No.251  [Reply]
Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.
¨ No.253
You're a big guy.
¨ No.254
For you.
¨ No.259
1495213420741.jpg–(33.05KB, 432x518, bane let's hurt each other.jpg)
You merely adopted the darkness; I was born in it. Molded by it.

File: 1494854073027.jpg–(93.98KB, 500x333, hotdogsboiling.jpg)
No.199  [Reply]
I dare you to boil hot dogs in piss.
¨ No.202
why have the hotdogs been mutilated
why would anyone do this
¨ No.215
Between this and >>172 it's clear that 99chan has a vocal minority of wiener mutilators. Not everyone has to mutilate their wieners to fit in, just as not everyone has to brew and drink beer from their own piss or receive a bj from their mum, but a little eccentricity here and there gives this site its character.
¨ No.235
Circumcision is perfectly normal for jews.

File: 1494790900668.jpg–(32.88KB, 273x322, 1494194117644.jpg)
No.185  [Reply]
I really wish I could summon dozens of AKs in a spherical formation around me so that I could be a walking death machine.
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¨ No.195
You don't feel the need to fire bullets in every possible direction?
¨ No.197
1494852187078.png–(566.30KB, 1334x750, murderous gnome.png)
¨ No.225
Looks like someone isn't going to survive the reaping.

File: 1494869228489.png–(22.81KB, 999x569, physical reality.png)
No.209  [Reply]
R8 my cosmological theory.

Our cosmos is a vast ball of spacetime. It's continually expanding and creating more of itself but will it continue to expand forever?

Eventually the stars will die and all matter will will decay into radiation. As the cosmos expands more and more each photon will become isolated in its own lightcone.

Then what?

Maybe spacetime itself will fade away into nothingness like ripples in a pond.

Maybe our spacetime is an expanding disturbance in some kind of primal medium. Microscopic quantum fluctuations in this medium continually give rise to expanding spacetimes that eventually fade ou
¨ No.216
That raises the question of why there are disturbances that form what we perceive as universes. In similar theories that our universe is but one of many in an even larger scheme, many people like to shove their conception of God into all that empty hyperspace between clusters of spacetime. It's the classic "God of the gaps" routine, which is looked down upon not necessarily because the hypothesis is ridiculous, but because people like to jam their preconceptions about what God is "supposed to be" into a place that cannot prove or disprove them.

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