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File: 1495041592929.jpg–(0.96MB, 1946x3456, rainy.jpg)
No.233  [Reply]
As time passes, it feels like the world is getting more and more bizarre. Things are so far from what they should be, it's scary. I don't know when the crash will happen, but I think there will be one eventually. I just hope I get some kicks out of life before it happens.
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¨ No.412
Yeah, a lot of people don't realize that Rome didn't fall in a day, and really it never really completely fell at all, it existed well into the middle ages. The 'barbarian' invaders ruled much of it quite successfully for a long time, and many fragments of the old western empire lived on independently for quite a while. The Eastern half of the Empire was pretty much completely unaffected and continued on to become the Byzantine Empire, which would only finally slowly fall after the crusades.>>408
¨ No.416
I always wondered what the descendants of the English language will look like in the future. I imagined it going the way of Latin and evolving into multiple related but eventually mutually unintelligible tongues.
¨ No.439
Already happening friend.

File: 1497297797742.jpg–(22.76KB, 485x491, 1496797702038.jpg)
No.424  [Reply]

File: 1493423367026.jpg–(13.23KB, 480x320, 1491210765735.jpg)
No.1  [Reply]
hi guys julian here, i really fucked up.
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¨ No.413
Yea, at least for a little while. Now that I know it's gone, I realize there's quite a few things I'd have liked to save.
¨ No.421
Plz restore everything back to where it was. Somebody please...
¨ No.423

File: 1495961147824.png–(167.44KB, 516x470, Fire Rape.png)
No.331  [Reply]
Where the fuck do I find interesting stuff? Like fights, cool shit, stuff that's fun and exciting. Is the world really just made up of 9-5 jobs and the people who leech off of them? I want more, I want to find the interesting people. I've tried looking, but I can't find shit. Is the world really just as boring as it appears to be?
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¨ No.381
not raping little girls and selling drugs on a third world shithole.
stay pleb you talentless fag
¨ No.382
volunteer to be cannon fodder
¨ No.404
Sometimes I think to myself that lifes what you make it. But what do I know, I'm a ghost living inside the internet. Not as bad as you'd think.

File: 1493436728869.png–(640.39KB, 640x480, sit.png)
No.5  [Reply]
It may get quieter every year we get older, but thank fuck for this unkillable zombie website
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¨ No.181
I most certainly don't have the urge to stick your fingers up that camel's bum.
¨ No.188
better his fingers than mine
¨ No.396
1496705645101.jpg–(50.49KB, 500x613, basement king.jpg)
good website

File: 1495471915355.jpg–(17.46KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)
No.285  [Reply]
Lets discuss the science and history of Dragon Ball Z.

What is the objectively best saga? Are Super Saiyan 2 and 3 really whole new forms or just more energy being channeled into the regular SS form? Also, is Vegeta still a prince since the King died?
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¨ No.387
1496465891166.png–(711.42KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1619).png)
frieza saga is very exciting and entertaining and vegito is the best and mos badass of the series
¨ No.388
1496538074896.jpg–(674.20KB, 1013x1434, cebdddb02f6acb0645757e01eafd261a.jpg)
I liked the one where Utena got into a sword fight.
¨ No.393
1496642213352.jpg–(113.90KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)
Read this really cool unofficial manga today. It's a what-if scenario of if Vegeta had been sent to earth instead of Goku; pretty much a re-telling of Dragonball with young Vegeta being way over-matched to all of Earth's threats, until the evil Saiyans Nappa and Kakarot arrive.


Embed: Hello Moth - Clouds in Cloudless Skies (Music Video)–(YouTube)
No.112  [Reply]
Music thread

Post any music here. New and unknown stuff is especially welcome.
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¨ No.223
I also am starting to only listen to ambient (maybe classical too). I'm just tired of all the thoughts, ideas, and concepts that go along with most music. Just pure sound, communicating an unspoken sensation..

This guy has some pretty sweet music: http://nobodytm.com/discography/index.html
¨ No.224
1494920238556.jpg–(77.77KB, 796x721, 1459358079926.jpg)
¨ No.386
1496465410281.jpg–(154.47KB, 945x1500, 1484612726058.jpg)

File: 1493546451904.jpg–(25.24KB, 320x240, 46750.jpg)
No.25  [Reply]
What is a good example to the type of porn you masturbate to?

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¨ No.374
¨ No.379
I lyke to masrerbate to images in my mind from ex grills that would coup my bulls and lick my anus
¨ No.380
I saod i like to masrerbate to images of grills in my mind brain of when they would coup my bulls and lick my anus

File: 1496227674184.jpg–(55.15KB, 1280x720, getready.jpeg)
No.371  [Reply]
2 days left boys

File: 1494710627625.jpg–(1.73MB, 3424x1972, penis surgery.jpg)
No.172  [Reply]
R8 my penis self-surgery.

I got circumcised about a month ago but the surgeon didn't remove all the frenulum so I decided to do it myself.
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¨ No.208
1494869046545.jpg–(1.02MB, 3200x1235, yuk.jpg)
No it's a cartoon picture. I got this picture and it has nothing to do with the one I was talking about before, it was made like this. The grown man barely in the picture is the OP and he did this as some sort of weird fetish thing for his cool girlfriend. He then soliloquizes for many pages about the philosophical implications of losing his penis so it's not pornography at all really.
¨ No.310
There's a reason the doctor kept that, its the most sensitive part of the penis.

you fucking retard you just broke your penis lol
¨ No.335
>its the most sensitive part of the penis.

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