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File: 1511068507267.jpg–(45.07KB, 580x557, IMG_3232.JPG)
No.331  [Reply]
Where do I find girls with short hair? Is there a place or self-description that associates with short-haired girls who aren't lesbians or fucked in the head? I live in a pretty populated area and they are still a vast minority even in circles of artsy people.
¨ No.332
Shave them yourself after you capture them.
¨ No.333
1511101622707.jpg–(98.39KB, 960x720, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_10_(960x720_Blu-ray_)
You could always look for alopecia support groups for women but I imagine there's a bunch of bald-head fetishists perving on them. I once met a woman who seemed politically anti-hair and shaved her head by choice, and she was straight and was fairly normal otherwise.

Depends on what you mean by short hair, I guess. That has different meaning depending on who you talk to, but short hair is pretty in fashion right now even if most women can't pull it off without looking butch or cancerous. If they have short hair but no visible tattoos, then you're in business.
¨ No.334
How about you suck on my clock, OP? Then kiss me and I'll drink myself from your stupid face hole. Then I'll force you to bang my blowhole until I faint from heat exhaustion and die. Then you can have my fishy carcass to ravage with your pretty little pecker.

File: 1510997390883.jpg–(47.85KB, 640x480, 26d.jpg)
No.327  [Reply]
I come back all these years later and you niggers nuked your site? What about angryboku.jpeg and Hoegaarden?
¨ No.328
99chan where 5 of the threads on the front page are meta threads.
¨ No.329
I'm the mother of four children by five different fathers and I crave the comfort and stability of a committed relationship.

File: 1510931794552.png–(67.86KB, 509x418, 1510896756067.png)
No.322  [Reply]
wtf is this place?
¨ No.323
A graveyard and the memorial for obscure jokes and inside humor long forgotten.
¨ No.324
This is where little girls discuss fashion.

File: 1507510385428.jpg–(594.84KB, 1920x1080, ss_19e001c38309a504ff39ebd557eccfff5ed1c3be.1920x1)
No.62  [Reply]
How can I find a private tracker for programming books?
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¨ No.177
I'm trying to throw a three picture deal with Touchstone at you through my screen, but it ain't working.
¨ No.290
What do you want to learn?
Have you looked at programming-motherfucker.com ?
There's really not much more you can learn, at an entry level, from a book than a website.
¨ No.307
Torrents are shit for books.

Google #bookz, IRC channel that has pretty much everything ever made into an epub.

File: 1510607164500.jpg–(51.33KB, 620x413, jb 1.jpg)
No.275  [Reply]
Joe Biden appreciation thread.
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¨ No.278
1510607287391.jpg–(20.52KB, 480x360, jb 4.jpg)

¨ No.280

All of this is actually true.
¨ No.285
1510625803754.jpg–(30.87KB, 500x280, 472ceb363d2c072e23afcc3da3e0be9d.jpg)
I live in Delaware, my mom served Joe and his son Beau in a Pizza Hut in the late 70s. He apparently was quite the bro, and no groping. For some reason people who are weirdly handsy like that don't graduate to the bad touch groping.

File: 1510562577044.jpg–(54.02KB, 444x337, 1391368892001.jpeg)
No.269  [Reply]
How long ago did this website die?
I wanted to rip into you assholes for making my late teens that much worse, but now I see that no one is left here.
¨ No.271
1510579666388.png–(10.66KB, 851x600, 1510367008370.png)
99 will never die
¨ No.274
It was only ever you here. You make all the postage.
¨ No.279
Now u have more time to spend with u mommy.

File: 1510020421925.png–(760.46KB, 1046x675, llY02cp.png)
No.245  [Reply]

¨ No.253
w2c tee

File: 1509917330005.webm–(6.58MB, 640x360, 2:00, MINGE gets spelled out on Countdown-jXa6WbiI4xk.we)
No.232  [Reply]

¨ No.239
1509986959888.jpg–(32.67KB, 360x454, tea nobber.jpg)
that was really underwhelming if I'm honest

File: 1507338125900.png–(584.60KB, 799x505, snitchers.png)
No.46  [Reply]
Post your anti-99chan/mitchell/rickb propaganda
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¨ No.180
1509073836478.png–(93.30KB, 600x223, lopanforadmin.png)
Not before trying to turn the masses in his favour

that shit backfired hilariously
¨ No.236
lopan died. the guy who was lopan after the first couple years was not actually him.
¨ No.250
sure thing lopan

File: 1509897153890.jpg–(72.25KB, 500x375, TRAPSAREGAY.jpg)
No.231  [Reply]
¨ No.233
1509922195116.png–(1.57MB, 1111x1624, c371a6670088c5965e4c2a0e602ffd2a.png)
there is nothing cooler than being gay

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