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File: 1497935171584.jpg–(589.11KB, 734x979, fat-pig-from-burbank resize.jpg)
No.449  [Reply]
Just look at this disgusting fat ugly whale would you go out looking like this, she is from Burbank and takes a shower once a week. Imagine all the cheese between her butt cheeks.
¨ No.452
looks hot, I'd love to fuck her in the ass and play with those nice tits.
¨ No.497
she's gorgeous
¨ No.547
1499548593457.png–(2.02MB, 11236x7044, heilhitler.png)
She's HOT! Could have a smaller Belly, though... :D

File: 1499290137403.png–(896.35KB, 4800x2700, i_am_thoo_evil_small.png)
No.508  [Reply]
Cannot wait to see star wars the last jedi this winter, who else?
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¨ No.511
1499313253938.jpg–(468.22KB, 2100x1152, fresh never frozen.jpg)
I feel like the only one who legitimately disliked TFA. It's a well made movie on all counts, and can even be called "enjoyable" in parts, but there's so much nonsensical bullcrap shoehorned in for mass appeal that it just kills anything which might be good about it. The prequels set the bar so low that a decently executed lightsaber fight is apparently all the fanboys needed to get off the hate horse.

My buddy offered to take me to Rogue One so I saw that one, but I couldn't tell you what happened in most of it. From the trailers I could probably write my own The Last Jedi plot treatment and it'll probably be close to the same thing. It seemed to go from young movie brats making cool movies they wanted to make to runny bowel movements from George Lucas' anus to healthy and attractive bowel movements from a pretty lady's anus.

I have a shit fetish, that's what this post is really about.
¨ No.516
1499365406700.png–(453.86KB, 7680x4320, marysue.png)

I dont get it ... u have a shit fetish and at the same time, didn't like TFA? Which one is it now??? :D
¨ No.518
1499373968806.jpg–(258.52KB, 1200x608, 62948049_p1_master1200.jpg)
The point is I like the defecations of women who are at least kinda into it or cartoon women who are kinda into it, not delirious elderly filmmakers or media mega-conglomerates and the drones they hire.

File: 1494982951584.jpg–(142.09KB, 506x750, Riff_Raff.jpg)
No.226  [Reply]
Maybe it's better this way. We had our time in the sun, and now we are going back to how we used to be.
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¨ No.336
Not really conducive since I don't recall any of the images being saved in those archives.
¨ No.390
1496606063452.jpg–(64.00KB, 513x768, ballsack.jpg)

What are you talking about? Back when we were a 3 digit chan we still had tons of boards.

The admins can chortle my Balzac.
¨ No.501
saw the arm and thought you were amy for a second>>324

File: 1498770351141.gif–(679.42KB, 498x358, tenor.gif)
No.484  [Reply]
God reddit is a fucking cancer upon this earth
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¨ No.489
Well sure, but that isn't exactly news. The format helps feed the communities worst aspects. Its not as though forums are typically good in general.
¨ No.499
I once questioned the sandy hook story. Someone dug through my post history and called me a drug addict. It's not a nice place.
¨ No.500
1499190878540.jpg–(369.73KB, 744x800, elvofirida.jpg)
Look if you believe that conspiracy that the shooting was faked to get rid of guns you are a drug addict or an alex jones fan at the least

File: 1499037858214.jpg–(225.65KB, 911x1569, h1.jpg)
No.494  [Reply]
So when's Halloween this year?
¨ No.495
Probably way too early. The Halloween shopping season will continue to start earlier and last longer, just like the Christmas shopping season or pumpkin spice latte season.

I remember hearing someone talk about being in the store and seeing Halloween decorations and Christmas decorations on the same aisle across from each other. That person was very much amused at seeing angels and devils stare each other down.
¨ No.496
People keep saying Christmas comes earlier every year but it really doesn't. It just feels that way because people don't realize how far they are into the year until holidays start coming up. Charlie Brown complained about how early everything starts back in the fucking 60s. Halloween crap will start in September like it has for like 30 years and Christmas crap will start in October when Halloween crap is ramping into high gear.

File: 1498188990752.gif–(142.25KB, 600x600, 32e.gif)
No.462  [Reply]
¨ No.478
1498517246565.png–(55.18KB, 217x190, chen approved.png)
beep beep
¨ No.479
1498602633710.jpg–(30.03KB, 636x357, wukgq0glcb4hygwt4jyc.jpg)
As the bombs feel in New Gheli there was a moment of silence just after. The men who were stationed there were shocked that it had been a unplanned bombing of their current quarters by planes marked USA. After the initial shock was over it had become apparent to them all that this was no mistake and there must be some form of sabotage by their commanding officers for anything like this to take place. Soon it was unanimous that they could no longer stay in their current position and must find a unmarked territory to plan for what was soon to become their new objective. 3am, 3am is the time when this took place, in the hazy eyes and dulled ears these men had their whole lives changed and it was yet another problem that they had to face, except this time the true enemy was deeper hidden, more of a staple of the horrors of war than something that they could describe in detail to anyone but themselves. This is how ISIS-Chan was made, and it was ISIS-Chan which would hoist up the black flag in the middle east soon enough, soon enough for a cartoon to air on the Disney Channelâ„¢ on weekdays from 4-6 PM Mondays through Friday just before Zoey 101.
¨ No.482
1498661990547.png–(64.40KB, 562x726, thats haram blud.png)
>hair and face clearly visible

File: 1498158392624.jpg–(1.38MB, 1500x1125, asdf.jpg)
No.456  [Reply]
is this shitdump still alive
¨ No.457
im not sure 99chan is capable of dying all the way, yes its still here.its the unkillable zombie chan.
¨ No.458
it did go down briefly yesterday. I almost shat my pants
¨ No.460

why? nothing happens here.

File: 1496450110183.jpg–(49.93KB, 400x174, DesuBux.jpg)
No.384  [Reply]
here's a loan of 5000 DesuBux

>use it carefully
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¨ No.401
I mean you don't see anything with the immediacy of a wall of desu. You see shitposts, for sure, but not the kind that consist of millions of instances of a single word.
¨ No.402
I've seen shill posted in big blocks on chans where the kids are hanging out these. Not as much as desu in its
heyday though. Shills taken on the quality of meaning anyone who disagrees with me. The paranoia is one of the ways I just don't relate to the younger people on chans now at all.

The politicized nature of discourse, in literally every area. The rampant paranoia. It really makes a lot of chansphere absolutely unbearable at this point. It'll wear itself out, trends do. But it's weird to see that this is one of the notable changes in chans the last few years. Guess I'm just old and don't get it.
¨ No.448
I think this is by design. Intelligent discourse is impossible if any slight deviation from a predetermined "group position" is disregarded as shilling rather than debated and either adopted or discarded based on its intellectual merits. The shills are shilling the anti-shill shilling, in other words. Heh.

File: 1497176422512.jpg–(227.32KB, 1366x1650, adam.jpg)
No.418  [Reply]
Good night sweet prince.
¨ No.427
1497334803593.jpg–(35.79KB, 450x450, 1287354693499.jpg)
Sweet dreams.
¨ No.432
rip batman you finally joined your parents
¨ No.443
1497723102246.gif–(2.49MB, 386x289, bat attck.gif)

File: 1496006042907.jpg–(49.59KB, 500x576, Bridget.jpg)
No.337  [Reply]
I've been having a thing for traps lately. It's my guilty pleasure
what about you?
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¨ No.429
You a guy or a chick?
¨ No.430
Better than expected honestly.
¨ No.442
Nahh. That man-face and massive neck don't lie. Looks like a boyish man wearing heavy makeup. 2 years HRT should have him further along. I understand he has proper gender dysphoria and isn't just another trendy transitioner, which kinda makes it a shame as it seems he might just not have the profile for a convincing switch.

But I guess it's sorta workable though, I'd probably confuse him for a man-faced lesbian or something if I saw it on the streets. There's way uglier real women in existence.

Hey if you've earned it you've earned it.
Chicks with dicks man.

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