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File: 1516758968043.jpg–(51.05KB, 720x960, BedBug.jpg)
No.721  [Reply]
My crush rejected me a few months ago… Feeling depressed, anybody wanna subscribe to my youtube channel and watch me inject Dr. pepper into my hand?

Because that's what I'm about to do right now. I'm going to inject Dr. Pepper in my hand.

Anyway, check out my video while I get this picture taken.

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¨ No.724
1516759141708.png–(113.25KB, 480x854, img1122222222.png)
Feeling really sick… Starting to sweat… Defiantly not dead though…
¨ No.725
Everybody makes fun of me and all I want to do is make videos for people…

It's so hot in here…

I absolutely gotta get naked.
¨ No.726
no one gives a shit, attention whore

File: 1516625056272.gif–(0.99MB, 360x360, 1DE06B23-9C64-43AD-AF50-E943D0A13CF4.gif)
No.711  [Reply]
Negative. D1 denied. RO ASAP
¨ No.713
I like to eat ass

File: 1514495960547.jpg–(38.87KB, 780x731, jpg.jpg)
No.576  [Reply]
which os and browser do you use?
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¨ No.607
¨ No.666
1515657362021.png–(34.15KB, 716x405, 2018-01-11-025441_716x405_scrot.png)
everybody posts, nobody reads
¨ No.696
1516249006036.png–(25.65KB, 615x419, Screenshot-2018-1-17 What version is my browser .p)

File: 1511068507267.jpg–(45.07KB, 580x557, IMG_3232.JPG)
No.331  [Reply]
Where do I find girls with short hair? Is there a place or self-description that associates with short-haired girls who aren't lesbians or fucked in the head? I live in a pretty populated area and they are still a vast minority even in circles of artsy people.
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¨ No.664
1515645340185.jpg–(888.32KB, 2340x3094, c8e203a145ccc426ef1827d518a47bec.jpg)
You're onto something. Metal mouthpieces are more likely to feature designs that lend themselves to commercial music--bright and shiny, almost one-dimensionally so, not unlike the girls that would get marketed as idols. There's a lot more variety in the hard rubber world, of design, of music, and of players.
¨ No.671
1515717862101.jpg–(143.96KB, 567x800, c68d1697a13067a925cbed6361747e2c.jpg)
Finally someone who understands my vision.
¨ No.687
You are correct in your assumption. Also its been like a week and no one has mentioned /r/bois?>>620

File: 1516047173224.webm–(10.74MB, 11:24, 99_(9-28-2009,1;54PM).webm)
No.686  [Reply]
in case your media players are broken for some reason or another, here's the full 99chan theme as a webm

File: 1515689403271.gif–(106.52KB, 320x240, fronkherpderp.gif)
No.669  [Reply]

¨ No.673
Show me that penis.

File: 1513466424242.jpg–(245.57KB, 1200x859, tumblr_oercihgsGY1ug49wio1_1280.jpg)
No.491  [Reply]
May i ask, what the fuck is this place?
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¨ No.508
A mass grave
¨ No.512
1513712619079.jpg–(110.74KB, 892x1163, 1513636669001.jpg)
We are all girls here.
¨ No.672

File: 1509767031415.png–(89.92KB, 801x481, 1pdbvtl5b1urc0kg4cs.png)
No.215  [Reply]
Christ, what happened to this place? I leave for a couple of years and the entire site has gone to shit. Where are all of the boards? Where's the camwhores? Where's my robot with a top hat?
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¨ No.592
I bought a computer case from a company called CUK, Computer Upgrade King.

My case is such a cuck.
¨ No.661
8chans aight, some of 4chan's specialty boards are aight too.

I'm too old to care about being a superior intellectual channer anymore. I'll visit whatever.
¨ No.663
The decline in quality on 4chan and 8chan is due to paid Russian posters. Same shit that happened on runet when Putin started paying folks to post propaganda back in the mid to late 00's. They either brainwash people or they disgust people into leaving so it becomes an echo chamber controlled by them.

File: 1514784685034.jpg–(8.51KB, 228x251, strawburry.jpg)
No.605  [Reply]
Happy new year! I care about all 8 or 9 of you greatly, and I hope you had a good time. This thread will probably still be around to wish you all good luck in 2019 as well, assuming the site doesn't implode again.
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¨ No.615
I appreciated it
¨ No.616
Fuck off
¨ No.660
1515586920822.jpg–(8.17KB, 384x288, 125741577629.jpg)
Thanks, you fucking nigger.

File: 1515277195472.jpg–(61.81KB, 720x960, 85339306.jpg)
No.635  [Reply]
hello world
¨ No.637
print('Hello World')
Hello World
¨ No.643
There's a homeless dude near me who has a sign that reads "I just want cheeseburgers."

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