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File: 1495429922957.jpg–(128.67KB, 550x652, 4424762_orig.jpg)
No.277  [Reply]
i haven't been here in multiple years and i can't say i'm surprised with what happened here. honestly i like it better this way, the end.
¨ No.281
It's not the end! It's just part of our evolution!

File: 1495365883284.png–(697.91KB, 569x786, kcbs.png)
No.268  [Reply]

¨ No.269
oh my god that is so edgy i want to have his sexy babies
¨ No.275
1495426012492.jpg–(114.11KB, 425x567, 7chanwelcome.jpg)
We 7chan again?

File: 1495137956262.jpg–(136.70KB, 1920x1080, Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.jpg)
No.251  [Reply]
Dr. Pavel, I'm CIA.
¨ No.253
You're a big guy.
¨ No.254
For you.
¨ No.259
1495213420741.jpg–(33.05KB, 432x518, bane let's hurt each other.jpg)
You merely adopted the darkness; I was born in it. Molded by it.

File: 1495041592929.jpg–(0.96MB, 1946x3456, rainy.jpg)
No.233  [Reply]
As time passes, it feels like the world is getting more and more bizarre. Things are so far from what they should be, it's scary. I don't know when the crash will happen, but I think there will be one eventually. I just hope I get some kicks out of life before it happens.
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¨ No.247
The problem is that technology is too powerful for traditional styles of society to be maintained, either governments control technology and their citizens with an iron fist, or large scale societies break up and disband into very small societies. The amount of power that is possible for an individual to wield is simply too great to be controlled. In a world with over 7,000,000,000 people, the possibility that someone who wishes to do so will obtain the right things at the right time in order to cause just the right kind of damage to effectively make obsolete large scale civilizations is pretty much guaranteed to happen. The future is coming, people can either adapt or be destroyed by it.
¨ No.249
I pretty much agree. I don't like to crystal ball this stuff because no one has been able to do that ever, but neither wide-scale balkanization nor a widespread nationalist authoritarian revival would be surprising to me.
¨ No.250
This theme is basically what Fallout New Vegas is all about, specifically the final dlc in The Divide.

It used to be that power came from the amount of people who believed in you and followed you. Weapons are no good without faithful soldiers to wield them for you, natural resources are useless until mined from the ground by a legion of workers, money is only as valuable as the masses decide, etc. It was that way until technology came along. Now a single man can destroy an entire civilization with the press of a button, resources can be mined autonomously, and computers understand the behavior of our currency better than we do. The advent of technology fundamentally changed what power was. Power used to be measured in the people who followed you, now it is measured in the technological arsenal you possess.

File: 1494854073027.jpg–(93.98KB, 500x333, hotdogsboiling.jpg)
No.199  [Reply]
I dare you to boil hot dogs in piss.
¨ No.202
why have the hotdogs been mutilated
why would anyone do this
¨ No.215
Between this and >>172 it's clear that 99chan has a vocal minority of wiener mutilators. Not everyone has to mutilate their wieners to fit in, just as not everyone has to brew and drink beer from their own piss or receive a bj from their mum, but a little eccentricity here and there gives this site its character.
¨ No.235
Circumcision is perfectly normal for jews.

File: 1494790900668.jpg–(32.88KB, 273x322, 1494194117644.jpg)
No.185  [Reply]
I really wish I could summon dozens of AKs in a spherical formation around me so that I could be a walking death machine.
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¨ No.195
You don't feel the need to fire bullets in every possible direction?
¨ No.197
1494852187078.png–(566.30KB, 1334x750, murderous gnome.png)
¨ No.225
Looks like someone isn't going to survive the reaping.

Embed: Hello Moth - Clouds in Cloudless Skies (Music Video)–(YouTube)
No.112  [Reply]
Music thread

Post any music here. New and unknown stuff is especially welcome.
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¨ No.116
Eluvium - Indoor Swimming at the Space Station–(YouTube)
One of my favorite tracks of all time and the reversed part at the end is fucking great!!
¨ No.223
I also am starting to only listen to ambient (maybe classical too). I'm just tired of all the thoughts, ideas, and concepts that go along with most music. Just pure sound, communicating an unspoken sensation..

This guy has some pretty sweet music: http://nobodytm.com/discography/index.html
¨ No.224
1494920238556.jpg–(77.77KB, 796x721, 1459358079926.jpg)

File: 1494869228489.png–(22.81KB, 999x569, physical reality.png)
No.209  [Reply]
R8 my cosmological theory.

Our cosmos is a vast ball of spacetime. It's continually expanding and creating more of itself but will it continue to expand forever?

Eventually the stars will die and all matter will will decay into radiation. As the cosmos expands more and more each photon will become isolated in its own lightcone.

Then what?

Maybe spacetime itself will fade away into nothingness like ripples in a pond.

Maybe our spacetime is an expanding disturbance in some kind of primal medium. Microscopic quantum fluctuations in this medium continually give rise to expanding spacetimes that eventually fade ou
¨ No.216
That raises the question of why there are disturbances that form what we perceive as universes. In similar theories that our universe is but one of many in an even larger scheme, many people like to shove their conception of God into all that empty hyperspace between clusters of spacetime. It's the classic "God of the gaps" routine, which is looked down upon not necessarily because the hypothesis is ridiculous, but because people like to jam their preconceptions about what God is "supposed to be" into a place that cannot prove or disprove them.

File: 1494102142268.jpg–(162.15KB, 1280x852, Comfy3.jpg)
No.84  [Reply]
This thread is my cabin. I'll be back every now and then when I need time off. You can come in if you want, but keep off my bed!
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¨ No.204
1494868807379.jpg–(32.92KB, 400x285, gun.jpg)
What the fuck is going on?!!! Succubus loli I ban you from this cabin, pedobear you can stay, the rest of you either get out or grab a gun because I'm not letting anyone in my basement!!
¨ No.205
1494868954980.jpg–(204.67KB, 1280x851, output.jpg)
why would you do this to me
¨ No.213
I want my cabin demon- and cop-free, all I wanted was a comfy home away from home for me and my loli. It's nothing personal, but this is all just too wild for me!

File: 1494786859839.png–(375.44KB, 400x500, 2gay4you.png)
No.184  [Reply]
Who here likes drag kings and queens?
¨ No.201
1494855369321.jpg–(116.26KB, 540x810, dollyparton.jpg)
¨ No.203
Drag queens are amazing in bed honestly. So gorgeous, sexy, and just hot. I wish I had a drag queen gf honestly.
¨ No.211
they have a genuine love for pageantry and I respect that in today's hustle-and-bustle world filled with vidya screens.

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