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File: 1510971480607.webm–(5.64MB, 640x360, 2:16, Duh Kangz History of Zimbabwe n sheeit.webm)
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¨ No.390
1511684391560.webm–(3.82MB, 176x238, 4:24, night of tim allen.webm)

¨ No.391
1511684763758.webm–(4.00MB, 500x374, 2:53, bus of the rising sun.webm)

¨ No.426
1512228070730.webm–(2.84MB, 480x270, 1:26, Catalina.webm)

File: 1509808593304.jpg–(281.65KB, 1020x674, 1505618597572.jpg)
No.219  [Reply]

I better not fucking see a single more GODDAMN pedo-apologist thread, or I'm FUCKING burning down everything
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¨ No.351
¨ No.366
my vagina smells like shit
¨ No.395

File: 1506864849902.jpg–(405.78KB, 1765x1352, 013.jpg)
No.16  [Reply]
In this thread we are drunk and post art.
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¨ No.393
1511710895394.jpg–(2.13MB, 3391x2360, 904.jpg)

I can only feel pain

when trying

to type




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¨ No.394
1511714697621.jpg–(91.95KB, 541x600, Durer_Young_Hare.jpg)
The asking price for the painting is 38k. Part of me wants to make it my short-term life goal to buy this painting. It's suck if some asshole who just wanted to laugh at kitsch bought it.

Many Christmases ago 99chan did a secret santa thing and someone gave me a print of a bunny rabbit by Durer. If that person is still here I wanted to let you know I still have it along with the note you sent with it and still regret sending nothing in return.
¨ No.397
1511816971189.jpg–(264.14KB, 1456x1028, white.jpeg)

File: 1511585030775.jpg–(201.85KB, 1048x1398, cola.jpg)
No.381  [Reply]
where is /gent/
¨ No.382
1511586831012.jpg–(116.52KB, 833x738, cola.jpg)
Right here.
¨ No.383
1511589870419.jpg–(61.99KB, 1615x1212, bepis.jpg)
¨ No.385
1511657908895.gif–(956.57KB, 540x304, 7831adbd997a5990b04d2707ecc782fe.gif)
In Tokyo I took an older prostitute to bed. She called herself "Mama-san", which is what they used to call brothel Madams in Japan in WWII. She wasn't that old obviously but they still use the term. They also used it in Vietnam to refer to all older ladies since they whored out their daughters so often. Whore over there are always very complimentary. She kept calling me boy and I tried to explain to her how it was considered offensive to some to call adult women girls. She seemed to enjoy my broken Japanese, and had a delightful laugh. There's a good chance I'll never see her again, the thought makes me a little sad but it drives me. Maybe I'll work an extra hour here and there so I can go back and try to find her again. Even if she doesn't remember me, we can have a nice conversation as strangers again.

File: 1511575523130.jpg–(827.35KB, 1280x960, 325431.jpg)
No.378  [Reply]
Dick ants. Anyone got the original video of the guy flopping his dick around in a pile of ants? I was that guy. I just wanna see it again I obviously didn't see it.
¨ No.379
No but there is a movie called Antfarm Dickhole. Perhaps that would interest you as well.

File: 1511140532400.jpg–(368.96KB, 1024x1027, 1446605337791.jpg)
No.336  [Reply]
It's been like ten years, guys. It feels like that.

Anyone got the pic of the viking helmet penis guy yet??

I need a laugh
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¨ No.358
motherfucker wtf are you talking about
¨ No.373

Back on the old chan a dude on a board became a legend by posting an entire saga of his dick wearing a Lego viking hat and slaying a monster and all that.

It was one hell of a thread.

Btw I'm kinda old school. I'd piss off the dicks in IRC sometimes but sundevil was always cool. That crazy drunk guy was a little up my ass and overprotective, can't remember his name.

I fucked around on this chan years and years ago.

And I want that thread cap. It was amazing>>358
¨ No.375

File: 1511435633014.gif–(479.75KB, 400x400, mileyturk.gif)
No.364  [Reply]
Slip your dick in and move your hips to the beat of the song.
¨ No.368
Thanks for reminding me how much I want to fuck a turkey one of these days... Is it safe? If I heat it in the microwave or something and use a condom, that would be fine right?
¨ No.369
Raw dog it, be a man. I cum inside literally all food I eat before I cook it, because I'm hardcore. Be hardcore.

File: 1511357912472.png–(315.26KB, 650x484, destroyed.png)
No.352  [Reply]
W-what--?!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!

My cabin! What's happened to my cabin?!! And my loli!! Oh, my god.... It's all gone...!
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¨ No.356
1511394951137.jpg–(304.31KB, 1108x623, abandoned_apartment.jpg)
Hello, my friend! Very good that you are here. Welcome to my home; seat yourself as you please, as you please.
Tell me. What can I do for you today?
¨ No.360
1511417578242.jpg–(17.45KB, 558x372, distraught.jpg)
I've lost everything, old man! My beloved cabin... My dear loli.... But if I think about it, even more than that.

I've lost memories, and friendships forged! All those different guests who came into my little home... They didn't respect my space at all, but they were still appreciated, you know? God, I even miss that bastard who wanted to fuck dogs.... They were all dear to me! But now.... Now.......!!!!

THEY'RE ALL DEAD!!!! GONE, lost in a madman's drug-fueled rage!!
¨ No.362
I can't stop crying.

File: 1510822587000.png–(71.52KB, 500x500, 1292025406001.png)
No.308  [Reply]
Didn't we have more threads than this? I swear there were more threads the last time I visited. I distinctly remember a rage thread, and a thread bout dragon ball z.

Did you fucks manage to wipe our one and only board
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¨ No.311
if its been months then yes - you missed the long period of downtime as well.
¨ No.315
I think they should just publicly post the mod password, so we can all have equal opportunity to fuck everything up.
¨ No.359
1511416875271.jpg–(54.38KB, 1420x946, 09-roll-safe.w710.h473.2x.jpg)
just delete all mod and admin logins. cant break the site if u cant touch it

File: 1510795321267.jpg–(124.96KB, 1125x1114, DOg987jX4AEzraS.jpg)
No.304  [Reply]
Who else is looking forward to nuclear war?
¨ No.306
its gonna be ok man
¨ No.340
I want to feel my throbbing erection be pulled apart in a nuclear blast. I want to get radiation poisoning and slide my foreskin off like the peel off a boiled plum. Oh yes, I'm looking forward to it.
¨ No.341
That's very saucy. It reminds me of the time Cas rubbed plum sauce on his nards and forced three puppies to lick it off while he beat his schlong like nothing you've ever seen. Gee golly.

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