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File: 1523777676332.png–(158.71KB, 432x527, 1519105494195.png)
No.1170  [Reply]
i remembr when 99chan was good
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¨ No.1215
I wish there was an alternative to caring about women huh.
¨ No.1219
I care about my mom.
¨ No.1220
1524118647849.jpg–(1.21MB, 2150x3036, neil_gayman.jpg)
Spoken like a true gayman

File: 1523912694345.jpg–(263.14KB, 1024x835, 4db7052d25f663ce8b18fc45de75884a48996db2f8637b9e8d)
No.1197  [Reply]
Anyone have some chicken digger tracks? I haven't been able to find it in forever
¨ No.1218

File: 1523913414588.webm–(8.66MB, Heres Baked Alaska hitting on a 13 yo girl. - - @W)
No.1198  [Reply]

File: 1523886503561.png–(30.58KB, 1261x725, chronos.png)
No.1188  [Reply]
R8 my science graph.
¨ No.1191
1523901584671.jpg–(15.18KB, 434x375, 1521762081732.jpg)
commit suicide post haste
¨ No.1200
i'm pretty sure mesophilia is that thing that the people who worked in asbestos mines get

File: 1507246074506.jpg–(6.46KB, 200x150, 128497415927s.jpg)
No.38  [Reply]
So I just asked my mom to give me a blow job. I'm leaving the country for a long time, possibly forever, and she's been trying to do as much stuff with me as she can before I leave. For the past week or so, she's asked me over and over: "is there ANYTHING else you can think of that you want to do?". I knew she wasn't subtly asking if I wanted to mess around, but I've kinda had the hots for her since I was a kid. If she does it, I will still think of her the same way, and I doubt this will become a habit, which is fine.

Anyway, her response was "let me think about it", with a a tilt of her head and a slight smirk. And that's her in my pic.
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¨ No.1169
what was the password? I got the zip but didnt record the password
¨ No.1171
File name of OP's jpg.
¨ No.1190
Here he is now.


File: 1523562510116.png–(261.31KB, 491x710, 1477811295960.png)
No.1150  [Reply]
Do we even want new people here? I would try to bring new people here, but I get the feeling 99chan prisoners would rather die in peace.
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¨ No.1157
Would a pic of my ass be fine?
¨ No.1159
most of the OGs arent around anymore, so new blood aint going to hurt anything
¨ No.1160
Canadian McChicken sauce:

Water, vegetable oil, sugar, spirit vinegar, modified maize starch, egg yolk, stabiliser E415 (xanthan gum), lemon juice, salt, mustard seed, preservative E202 (potassium sorbate), onion concentrate (onion extractives (96%), human semen, glycerides, soya lecithin, lactic acid), garlic powder, white pepper, colour (curcumin), and spice extract.

File: 1523612540839.jpg–(79.38KB, 477x480, f201384fde596ee5dcfcefc8462df6ce.jpg)
No.1154  [Reply]
whats your favorite 1980s puerto rican boyband??
¨ No.1156
Los Chicos were pretty good too.

File: 1523397826905.jpg–(68.94KB, 640x853, multicultural mario.jpg)
No.1142  [Reply]
How to embed?

¨ No.1143

File: 1522619324243.png–(274.84KB, 730x334, Captura-51-730x334.png)
No.1097  [Reply]
In an interview with a journalist, the actor has stated a few moments ago that he is diagnosed with lung cancer and is in the third stage :'(

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¨ No.1124
The Rock has titty cancer.
¨ No.1130
1523153727016.png–(2.79MB, 936x1198, John_Calvin_by_Holbein.png)
We must not waste our time with the frivolous parts of existence. All our time must be spent connecting with God
¨ No.1133
1523279111342.jpg–(122.32KB, 600x645, luth.jpg)
Look at this beta cuck over here.

File: 1523004724658.jpg–(1.22MB, 753x5590, 1.jpg)
No.1114  [Reply]
Theory of parasite conspiracy

The Korean Peninsula was in a geographical position where many kinds of parasites are inhabited since prehistoric times.
Winter in the Southern Hemisphere Region Because there was a Korean peninsula in the relay area where migratory birds head for Siberia
The Korean peninsula was the mechanism that various parasites around the world borrowed and bred the bird's body to breed.
There is a custom to habit food that infects parasites such as drying, pickles, fermentation etc.
So, the race living in the Korean peninsula got rid of various rare parasites.
Among them, there are parasites that are known recently, manipulate the brain that everyone knows well and induce suicide.
It is a parasite that kills the typical warts and kills them.
<Wart parasite>
There are times when this parasite has to live in the wart's built-in and make water reverse mating.
In such a case, I will decide to throw a substance that causes throat to throat to wart and the wart will jump into the water.
And it rushes out with the mantis at Besorg.
Not only insects but also mammals have similar parasites.
Toxocryptosporidium was not only discovered but also an actual parasite that became a motif of the movie "can parasitize"
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¨ No.1119
I disagree, I think Lateralus is the best Tool album, but I respect your opinion about ├ćnima.
¨ No.1120
Listen, Japan

If a country is going to post on an imageboard, please be nice, okay?
¨ No.1121
1523039003067.gif–(464.35KB, 500x278, murp disg.gif)

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