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File: 1528163043553.jpg–(101.05KB, 1200x799, kinopoisk.ru-Iron-Man-2-1245795.jpg)
No.1530  [Reply]
Why is she so perfect? Is it her pretty hair? Is it Scarlett's gorgeous face? Is it her perfect body? Is it her spy skills? or is it her strong personality? What is it?
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¨ No.1587
I only consider women who are over 300lbs to be attractive.
¨ No.1593
Is she unzipped that suit would she be naked?
¨ No.1606
Would love her to be naked as the day she was born

File: 1523847479980.jpg–(105.20KB, 1000x562, Anna-and-Elsa-At-the-Coronation-in-Frozen.jpg)
No.1178  [Reply]
Why are they awesome?
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¨ No.1576
they're both hot
¨ No.1594
Anna wants to see Elsa naked
¨ No.1603
they're both so hot

File: 1527638655123.jpg–(142.85KB, 756x1133, 1479108139561.jpg)
No.1477  [Reply]
Would you consider this a site of virgins and robots or is this place mostly for average people who hate life?
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¨ No.1586
>This isn't the same 99chan it was in in 2009 is it?
No doy you bag of dung
¨ No.1596
It is, but something happened probably a few years ago now, and now it's shit-tier single board
¨ No.1599
Clearly you've no idea what you're talking about as this is a very very new development and we've died and come back to life several times over the past "few years"

File: 1524485526901.jpg–(9.48KB, 195x259, download (2).jpeg)
No.1272  [Reply]
if all spics are vampires but not all vampires are niggers than why are all spics niggers?
¨ No.1273
¨ No.1276
are you suggesting that jews aren't also vampires?
¨ No.1556
Jesus H. Christ, how can you even say this. How can you not see that Jews are nigger vampires? NIGGER VAMPIRES !

File: 1527783570019.png–(86.11KB, 191x115, 15273471988s.png)
No.1488  [Reply]

People are being poisoned,burned,infected,plugged,numbed,blinded,crippled and balded by the shampoo,pills,mouthwash,nasal cleaners,eyedrops,beverages and food.
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¨ No.1495
English please
¨ No.1499
Black people are just white people at night.
¨ No.1538
i actually think its china thats using the bioweapons tbh
you see a similar effort on the east coast with the importing of fentanyl. china does this far more brutally in africa because they can get away with it. over there, i assume its for clearing a place out to mine for resources. its a lot easier to mine efficiently if you arent digging up some dudes tribes ancestral burial grounds, so it makes sense from a profit standpoint (which is the only motivator for its involvement in africa. obviously not colonization).

youre right however about the foreign aid being basically a racketeering campaign. first it funnels rich people money out (so they can write off taxes) into this no mans land where it basically isnt kept track of (except by NGOs and similar private non-profits that generally dont get audited), and then it goes to "africa" or "bangledesh", but in reality, most of it gets re-wired back stateside to the accounts of the politicians who are running the racketeering scheme (obvously they dont report this, but you can notice a HUGE discrepency in how much is donated and how much is actually spent in africa if you check the balances sometimes. haiti is a good example).

then whats left of the cash is spent on doctors and missionaries who (while normally genuinely good people) are sent over there on a shoestring budget compared to the "billions" donated. they never have enough resources to outpace the rate of population growth so it almost always spins out, but it DOES give a handy reason to have a bunch of "private security forces" or PMCs deployed there at all times. since the organizations use U$D as a currency, theyre actually the only ones in the country with money that has any value, so they run the show, and allow for china to strip the resources, and sneak them out the back door. meanwhile, in the US markets, big US money is quietly sneaking out and moving into chinese markets, who just recently launched a gold backed petroyuan (same exact idea that gadhaffi was rubbed out for. gold backed currency for all of africa. wouldve gone a long way towards unifying africa tbh. pretty sad).

the big guys in the states are propping up american pop-garbage culture JUST long enough to move their money into china, while paying them favors by helping them strip africa. thus, after they rugpull everyone and trap them here with a worthless currency, the same rich assholes were dealing with now, and all the new money in china, will be the only ones with a money worth anything, and will be able to swoop in and buy up the dilapidated, balkanized land, and LARP like theyre some sort of feudal lord or shogunate or some shit.

shits gon b crAAaaAzy mang

Embed: Lennart Green - Laser–(YouTube)
No.66  [Reply]
Why don't you learn some magic? Women love magic. Just look at her face.
¨ No.1503
1527985223152.gif–(1.91MB, 333x250, monkey-magic.gif)
I do. Maybe I should've specialized in a better element than cards as women still don't like me.
¨ No.1504
1527985361350.gif–(1.91MB, 333x250, monkey-magic.gif)

¨ No.1515
Magic conventions are 99% guys with mullets and 1% middle aged cat ladies, anon.

The mentalists are popular, though, since they focus on psychology instead of nerd ass tricks.

File: 1527926877604.gif–(65.37KB, 656x505, Everyone_s_in_trouble.gif)
No.1501  [Reply]
sup /board/

File: 1527864271951.jpg–(100.28KB, 1124x1102, 1522960321298.jpg)
No.1498  [Reply]
I could of sworn this site use to have more than one board.
¨ No.1500
Nope, never

File: 1527492639664.jpg–(67.88KB, 700x681, aM7xMrpa_700w_0.jpg)
No.1467  [Reply]
Wtf? This place only has one board? Fuck you guys
¨ No.1471
1527519812792.png–(38.00KB, 640x550, C4A5c6PVYAA75q5.png)
fuke off and never return

File: 1527256684476.jpg–(135.08KB, 1080x1350, 29401305_612772129073097_4304346430832640000_n.jpg)
No.1443  [Reply]
>squat, deadlift, row, bench, curl, OHP, calves
>one set 20 each
>2-3 times a week

simple and works
¨ No.1453
1527318137587.jpg–(129.11KB, 600x849, batman-workout.jpg)
>pushup, bicycle crunch, toe touch crunch, leg raise - 50 reps * 2 sets each
>plank, side plank - 3 minutes * 2 sets each
>dumbell curl, overhead press, front raise, lat raise, tricep extension, row - 20 reps * 2 sets each
>bench, incline bench, leg extension - reps until muscle failure, 4 sets each

3-4 times a week, I want to die.
¨ No.1462
We /fit/ now? I might actually give >>1453 a shot.

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