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File: 1494369207706.jpg–(23.39KB, 257x181, 1494209071165.jpg)
No.121 Stickied  [Reply]
hey shitheads, come on the irc

irc.tiny.bepis.org / ports 11303 +11304
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¨ No.422
I would probably actually suck the cum out of someones anus to get unbanned
¨ No.433
1497455051851.jpg–(55.41KB, 904x731, 0t26rd1r8izy.jpg)
welp, irc.99chan.org is now back and relinked with bepis.. but its not linked to 7chan now

¨ No.434

i'm fucking gay its relinked now

File: 1494677374180.jpg–(48.37KB, 500x362, emoprom.jpg)
No.162  [Reply]
If you're here, chances are you've been browsing imageboards since you were a teen. So, 99chan, how has adulthood been treating you? What's your life like?
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¨ No.463
1498193593482.png–(422.94KB, 800x800, 2532b645ebde13c846c364c83ed5e950da9ba6384800ab780f)
Forgot to add, the only thing that sustains me is escapism in the form of video games and anime, and I've been watching them go from a niche hobby made by passionate people with a vision who wanted to make something they themselves would watch/play into a commercialized wasteland built around focus groups and aimed solely at making profit.

In real life I'm just a fat loser with one ball, games let me live out the exciting and interesting life I always wanted but soon even that will be denied to me in favor of soulless AAA.
¨ No.464
1498200789513.jpg–(171.25KB, 1920x1080, [Zurako]_Mawaru_Penguindrum_05_This_is_What_Drives)
The "world" is pretty much objectively worse than it was ten years ago, so it's not just you. Personally I hated the 00s and have been chilling in the 10s, but there's no doubt we're in a pretty shitty place socio-politically. It's not a surprising considering the massive recession and resulting economic realignment. We went from arguing about wars and the economy- things with no inherent tribalism- to arguing about race and sex again, all because of cell phone videos and teenagers talking shit. At one time it felt like you could make a joke about Obama being a nig who is going get shot up soon by a rival gang while smoking his menthols, now it feels like everyone is trying to recruit you into their white power or cool kid communist clubs, and if you're not immediately on board with their unironic buzzword-laden cocksucking of 70 year old fuckheads you're the enemy. Shit's just not fun anymore.

I disagree about video games, though. It's not any kind of "renaissance" but even the AAA industry has gotten marginally better over time, but you have a thriving indie market. It' kinda hard for me to complain with games like Overwatch, Battlefield 1, Nier: Automata and other shit coming out from big publishers. I even really like ME: Andromeda personally. That's not counting the number of good-to-great indie shit out there. One of the reasons I can't let Bioware go is because the late 00s and really early 10s were a fucking wasteland. Nothing but AAA CoD clones, the DS was an awkward 2.5D machine, I still have no idea why the Wii was successful because it had little but shit on it, and you had absolutely no indie market to fall back on. There was basically three straight years while I was in school where the only games I cared enough to play were Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout 3, and TF2.

I'm not sure if I agree on anime. I probably do. When you first get into anime it's such a wide, new world because there's this huge backlog of great anime that's just waiting to be marathoned. So just getting into it will always feel like the best time. Then you start following new stuff from season to season with an open mind, it all feels exciting. But then you start seeing the same bullshit over and over and it stops being as fun. Another harem wish fulfillment thing, another fucking idol show, another magical battle high school dogshit, more VR game cockcheese. It might be because of my high standards and discerning taste, but really I've just been picking out three shows a season for years, sometimes it goes down to two or one but the quality has seemed fairly consistent for a while now. 90% pandering cliche bullshit but there's something interesting or at least well-made embedded in it enough to watch. So idunno, could just be rose-goggles there. You could try doing what I did and pick up some older, long-running anime that are fun and not talked about a lot, like Urusei Yatsura or Dr. Slump. Somehow they feel fresh and genuinely entertaining/funny despite being ancient.
¨ No.465
what on earth were you thinking, asking out a girl with a long term boyfriend? That was never going to end well regardless of what she said

File: 1498188990752.gif–(142.25KB, 600x600, 32e.gif)
No.462  [Reply]

File: 1498158392624.jpg–(1.38MB, 1500x1125, asdf.jpg)
No.456  [Reply]
is this shitdump still alive
¨ No.457
im not sure 99chan is capable of dying all the way, yes its still here.its the unkillable zombie chan.
¨ No.458
it did go down briefly yesterday. I almost shat my pants
¨ No.460

why? nothing happens here.

File: 1498098852300.jpg–(73.76KB, 900x734, 5800f677a2ff7.image.jpg)
No.454  [Reply]
>he's never heard of 9231chan
>current year
¨ No.455
if you spam your board you should at least include a link to it, like everyone else

File: 1496609928864.jpg–(26.92KB, 736x684, b5e4b805e619bde0662e0954126a893c.jpg)
No.391  [Reply]

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¨ No.450
It is one of those disturbing male entities that is clearly on the right end of the spectrum.
¨ No.451
¿Care to elaborate? For instance, ¿what do the circles in the center of the figure represent?
¨ No.453
boobies haha
or eyes

File: 1497935171584.jpg–(589.11KB, 734x979, fat-pig-from-burbank resize.jpg)
No.449  [Reply]
Just look at this disgusting fat ugly whale would you go out looking like this, she is from Burbank and takes a shower once a week. Imagine all the cheese between her butt cheeks.
¨ No.452
looks hot, I'd love to fuck her in the ass and play with those nice tits.

File: 1496450110183.jpg–(49.93KB, 400x174, DesuBux.jpg)
No.384  [Reply]
here's a loan of 5000 DesuBux

>use it carefully
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¨ No.401
I mean you don't see anything with the immediacy of a wall of desu. You see shitposts, for sure, but not the kind that consist of millions of instances of a single word.
¨ No.402
I've seen shill posted in big blocks on chans where the kids are hanging out these. Not as much as desu in its
heyday though. Shills taken on the quality of meaning anyone who disagrees with me. The paranoia is one of the ways I just don't relate to the younger people on chans now at all.

The politicized nature of discourse, in literally every area. The rampant paranoia. It really makes a lot of chansphere absolutely unbearable at this point. It'll wear itself out, trends do. But it's weird to see that this is one of the notable changes in chans the last few years. Guess I'm just old and don't get it.
¨ No.448
I think this is by design. Intelligent discourse is impossible if any slight deviation from a predetermined "group position" is disregarded as shilling rather than debated and either adopted or discarded based on its intellectual merits. The shills are shilling the anti-shill shilling, in other words. Heh.

File: 1495916071962.jpg–(69.23KB, 500x750, supercat.jpg)
No.325  [Reply]
This thread is /cat/. Post some cats, cat facts and other cat related things.
¨ No.326
1495916196018.gif–(4.22MB, 310x260, facemeat.gif)

¨ No.445
1497828254034.jpg–(106.90KB, 1280x853, Bosca.jpg)
I wish catposting was more prevalent among the various imageboards. Even arguments and whatnot are easier to read when every scathing remark has an annoyed cat behind it
¨ No.447
There is some sort of divine truth to that.

File: 1497176422512.jpg–(227.32KB, 1366x1650, adam.jpg)
No.418  [Reply]
Good night sweet prince.
¨ No.427
1497334803593.jpg–(35.79KB, 450x450, 1287354693499.jpg)
Sweet dreams.
¨ No.432
rip batman you finally joined your parents
¨ No.443
1497723102246.gif–(2.49MB, 386x289, bat attck.gif)

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