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File: 1494369207706.jpg–(23.39KB, 257x181, 1494209071165.jpg)
No.121 Stickied  [Reply]
hey shitheads, come on the irc

irc.tiny.bepis.org / ports 11303 +11304
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¨ No.666
1500655517780.png–(12.81KB, 128x128, 1499405998391.png)
>irc >overrated >client
¨ No.667
Wow couldn't even find an actual pic of suicide to insuiate that I should commit suicide.
¨ No.679
1500770930366.jpg–(19.89KB, 280x210, robert crumb suicide.jpg)

File: 1500848784713.png–(4.52MB, 7680x4320, destroythewest8.png)
No.697  [Reply]
So this will be the year that Angela Merkel finally stepped down from politics after her expected failure to win the upcoming election. So I hope everyone in here is as happy as Europe will be...
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¨ No.719
1500961120909.png–(171.68KB, 1267x772, German_Opinion_Polls_2017_Election.png)
why are you talking about weird german shit in English. It makes me uncomfortable. Like you're expecting me to participate even though I don't know what the fuck you're going on about or what your cool edgy political code is supposed to translate into.

I would say Merkel is more likely to step down only because of being really old, she seems fairly popular, especially for a sitting politician these days. Whether or not retard memespouters will admit it or not, Trump single-handedly destroyed any chance of a right-wing revival in Europe. The couple of dirtholes they managed to take over before the Trump era are quickly descending into predictable chaos and fascist fuckery, re: Poland.
¨ No.723
No one expects anything from you, dear
¨ No.725
you don't know my life, man.

File: 1500708767798.jpg–(215.47KB, 899x1599, 766_1000.jpg)
No.671  [Reply]
OC thread
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¨ No.686
Most of the (many) fetishes I adopted, I kind of adopted literally overnight
¨ No.694
Me too. They usually morph (or escalate or reach a peak or whatever) over time but yeah my fetishes and fixations have all kind of come on fairly spontaneously.
¨ No.724
I can't even get it up to generic "physically perfect" pornstars. It's too artificial and boring, like watching two mannequins rub against each other.

File: 1500611030863.jpg–(466.09KB, 959x958, Back.jpg)
No.657  [Reply]
Rock Identitaire Français (RIF) is a rather curious circle of France's Nationalist musicians. Eschewing the overt Fascist sympathies from their skinhead peers a decade earlier, RIF rocked against Americanism and multiculturalism on grounds of national and cultural identity.

Vae Victis has some fascinating credentials such two of their members' previous connection to Ultime Assaut and prominently featuring a female vocalist. Their music blends Celtic themes with hard riffs and folksy instrumentation. The album is a thoroughly fun affair in spite of being somewhat predictable.

The opening track begins with all-too-familiar epic yet whimsical motifs that would sound more at home scoring the opening scene to a forgotten '90s high fantasy RPG. The progressions feel tacked on for the sake of genre aesthetics, but they set the tone for the rest of the EP. All the songs are of an enjoyable length that don't overstay their welcome.

The songwriting here all compliment the themes established by the music. As you would've surmised, our title track is a tribute to the Frankish King who successfully unified all the tribes under one ruler. "La Dame du Lac" goes into Arthurian territory. The sole overtly political track here is "Résistant Gaélique," pleading for a ceasefire between the Irish Nationalists and Ulster Loyalists. Although I do not speak a word of French, our vocalist Carine conveys these lyrics wonderfully with her angelic voice.

The highlight here is the title track with its energetic riffs that convey the narrative. All the other tracks here are much softer and emotive. In the end, you're left yearning for more, but the band provides the satisfying introductory experience for those seeking Nationalist Celtic Rock.

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¨ No.674
>discriminating ear

You don't say...
¨ No.678
1500762795217.jpg–(186.58KB, 600x587, Janus - Al Maestrale (1) 1997.jpg)
Casual listeners hastily assume Prog Rock is an apolitical genre (of course, the more informed listener knows better, especially when considering the Rock in Opposition movement) but Italy's own Progressive scene thought differently. Some of the prominent bands from the more avant-garde wing of their Progressive music scene strongly affiliated themselves with communism, most famously Area and the Stormy Six, but others on the furthest fringes of the genre sang from entirely different hymn sheet. You know, Fascism.

Janus, formerly Janum, were affiliated to the Neo-Fascist MSI party, regularly playing live at their amusingly-named "Hobbit Camps," named after the musician fellowship's shared interest in Tolkien. The band's history is somewhat turbulent. Most of the original copies of their album were destroyed in a fire at the only bookstore bold enough to sell their work. Their original guitarist was even killed in a political riot the year this album was released.

Recorded on a low budget, Al Maestrale sounds a little crummy in terms of production so doesn't come close to matching the Mussolinian bombast of Museo Rosenbach's Nietzschean masterwork Zarathustra. But the rawness of this recording is certainly a nice antidote to the slew of self-consciously 'pretty' bands who had sprung up in the scene. There are notably few symphonic influences, opting instead for a folk-tinged fuzzy hard rock style, not a world away from the early Black Widow. And some of the guitar playing on here is very mean indeed!

When it feels like there are few genuine obscurities in Prog left, it's nice to have something like this still out there, and the political affiliations gives this band a dangerous edge a lot of Prog admittedly lacks.
¨ No.722
So did anyone here actually bother listening to the music? I did.

This is cute and whimsical. The female lead has a dainty voice like a mother singing a lullaby, but doesn't really seem to fit what was going on musically. The melodies are okay, but nothing exceptional. I think you were spot on with this line
>The opening track begins with all-too-familiar epic yet whimsical motifs that would sound more at home scoring the opening scene to a forgotten '90s high fantasy RPG. The progressions feel tacked on for the sake of genre aesthetics
Seems to me you were giving this the benefit of the doubt solely on account of its ideology.

They sound a lot like a low budget Sisters of Mercy or Joy Division. Not bad, but not great. "Roses" is a cool song, though.

Jeez, this is raw. The singer sounds terrible, and this is more skinhead than post-punk. Meh.

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File: 1500872461832.jpg–(30.66KB, 715x720, LJj55lP.jpg)
No.702  [Reply]
Hey there mods there's cheese pizza on your front page:


Fix ur shit man, wtf!
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¨ No.715
No report button is gay af tho. It's just a hmtl field and an extremely basic bit of javascript.

Fuck man even an email jpeg would be an improvement.
¨ No.718
Judging by the state of this site, I don't think anyone "new" has come here in at least the past 4 years.
¨ No.720
1500963238061.jpg–(46.39KB, 278x251, 1499280092786.jpg)
pls yell at us on the irc to baleet things (tho admittedly irc.99chan.org is still fuckin ded) go on 7chan irc if 99/bepis fails

also, yell at tee for a report function in tinyib

File: 1500434258914.jpg–(129.04KB, 1776x565, 19667521_1952808065003008_5360943873936788218_o.jp)
No.635  [Reply]
What cool shit do you do?

Grade the person above you on a scale from 1-10.

I rock climb.
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¨ No.714
1500947859799.jpg–(583.04KB, 1400x1184, Causes-of-Death-amongst-Different-Age-Groups.jpg)
4/10, respectable life, but not that cool or interesting without more job, drug use, or art details.

I work for the state as a research analyst, mostly doing programming/statistical analysis of morbid shit like death certificate data. Probably not super cool to anyone but me, but I get real time updates anytime some poor fuck blows their brains out, hangs themselves, overdoses, or gets murdered, so that's neat I guess. I don't drink, or take drugs, and moved recently, so I have no social life or friends, but sometimes when I get bored I like to walk around town and see how long I can surreptitiously follow people before they notice I'm tailing them.
¨ No.716
Voyeuristic spreadsheet dinks who get vicarious thrills from the misery of the marginalized other while trying very hard to project callous, detached cool are not cool. You're a yuppy with no friends and the only positive feelings you expressed were at the deaths of poor people.

Sometimes I intentionally pig out on bran muffins or Shreddies because they give me really smelly farts and I like the smell.>>714
¨ No.717
Not sure where you're getting the impression I get a kick out of the "misery of the marginalized other", but cool armchair psychology glossary, dickhead. I'm not surprised you enjoy the smell of your own farts (0/10 by the way).

I was saying that I think my job is what's cool. Not the people dying. I like what I do specifically because it helps improve prevention programs and saves lives. I just figured real time violent death updates would be more interesting than a paragraph about mortality statistics, considering 99chan is generally into morbid shit. I'm fully aware each of those datapoints represents a real fucking tragedy that happened to a real person.

File: 1500143127154.jpg–(2.34MB, 3000x2119, 813.jpg)
No.601  [Reply]
whenever i check 99 and there are no new threads and not even any new posts worth interest

i feel like this ship right here


i wonder

why is it like this?

i know you fuckheads have a shitton of stuff to post
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¨ No.707
1500922122495.jpg–(148.90KB, 640x860, 02.jpg)
i just decided i am going to post a work of art in this thread every time i am drunk
¨ No.710
1500937990199.jpg–(429.60KB, 761x1280, 38a069a42d7f32b1b15a5da18713f86fd8c527a7c8dca23383)
before long we'll have a gallery
¨ No.711
1500939588892.jpg–(195.14KB, 800x747, Edward_Hopper_Ds-Ap_056.jpg)
oh I can help. I am drinking tequila

File: 1495916071962.jpg–(69.23KB, 500x750, supercat.jpg)
No.325  [Reply]
This thread is /cat/. Post some cats, cat facts and other cat related things.
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¨ No.637
1500446739344.png–(54.40KB, 193x206, IMG_9694.PNG)
Look at this hellspawn
¨ No.638
1500446826407.jpg–(76.13KB, 640x853, IMG_9675.JPG)

¨ No.700
Cats are shit; dogs are better

File: 1500446336261.jpg–(41.36KB, 500x332, IMG_9737.JPG)
No.636  [Reply]
Does anybody remember this cartoon. P sure it was made like fifty year ago but man
This is my fucking shit right here. I am Legend? No tears. Titanic? Nadda
I'm a grown dickhead and to this day this fucking cartoon still brings me to my knees. You. Have. No. Idea.
It's like a psychological horror rolled up in a cute cartoon candy wrapper and MAN
It's FuckinG gReat
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¨ No.683
Mother only mostly just allowed me to watch Christian cartoons, we even had some of those bootleg Christian NES games. She came out as lesbian later and married her black girlfriend a couple of years ago, both in their 50s now. She still goes to church, even if it's her wife's liberal black church.

I still remember her ambivalence and internal conflict over letting me see The Prince of Egypt, because she was afraid it would be too Jewish or something.
¨ No.687
No one cares how unique, sensitive and quirky you are, OP.
¨ No.693
I do.

File: 1500224703090.jpg–(759.59KB, 2048x1529, tell me your secrets hitler.jpg)
No.609  [Reply]

Anybody remember this site? We had fun on here quite a while back just scribbling shit, which essentially makes this a 99chan collab art project. And lo, here it is again, ready for the second wave of abuse as we let our collective sense of artistic creativity run rampant on its pristine, white walls.

Have at it.
¨ No.651
i love this so much thanks for posting

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