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File: 1509808593304.jpg–(281.65KB, 1020x674, 1505618597572.jpg)
No.219 Stickied  [Reply]

I better not fucking see a single more GODDAMN pedo-apologist thread, or I'm FUCKING burning down everything
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¨ No.310
But she is really 800 years old.
¨ No.312
Looser pussies are better for human trafficking.
¨ No.335

File: 1506626723165.png–(15.57KB, 480x624, 1498790701865.png)
No.2 Stickied  [Reply]
pls to come on the irc you nerds

irc.tiny.bepis.org ports 11303 / 11304 for ssl
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¨ No.197
yell at me on da irc
¨ No.201
no need!
¨ No.202
1509309426094.jpg–(36.40KB, 612x545, 175440771.jpg)

File: 1511291484993.jpg–(87.15KB, 768x768, blanchard on hebephilia.jpg)
No.345  [Reply]
Anyone here read Blanchard's stuff on hebephilia?
¨ No.346
Fuck off, Roy Moore.

File: 1511140532400.jpg–(368.96KB, 1024x1027, 1446605337791.jpg)
No.336  [Reply]
It's been like ten years, guys. It feels like that.

Anyone got the pic of the viking helmet penis guy yet??

I need a laugh
¨ No.342
I swear to god I'm going to cut my dick off if nobody posts this.
¨ No.343
I'm going to cut my dick clean off and send it to my mom. Don't test me. You won't win. I'm going to use the dullest knife I have too, you little shits.
¨ No.344
You have 24 hours to post this picture or I'm hacking my dick off and it will be your fault. How will you like that?

File: 1510795321267.jpg–(124.96KB, 1125x1114, DOg987jX4AEzraS.jpg)
No.304  [Reply]
Who else is looking forward to nuclear war?
¨ No.306
its gonna be ok man
¨ No.340
I want to feel my throbbing erection be pulled apart in a nuclear blast. I want to get radiation poisoning and slide my foreskin off like the peel off a boiled plum. Oh yes, I'm looking forward to it.
¨ No.341
That's very saucy. It reminds me of the time Cas rubbed plum sauce on his nards and forced three puppies to lick it off while he beat his schlong like nothing you've ever seen. Gee golly.

File: 1510636997559.jpg–(115.80KB, 1136x635, pedocassy.jpg)
No.288  [Reply]
When did 99chan come back?
What in the hell happened to this place?
Is this idiot still around?
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¨ No.330
Email from Cas, about three weeks before his arrest:

"Bestowed upon me is a powerful force that I cannot explain. It is almost as if I can see into the souls of children and, looking back at me, they smile and beckon my touch. Is this a dream, I ask myself every day. I met a most wonderful man by the name of Hasssan, most wonderful, who has helped me make sense of my soul. My soul, Hassan tells me, is a godly window into children and when I see the faces of children, my soul reflects their beauty onto the world. Am I going too far? I cannot say. If you do not hear from me for some time, worry not, for I am safe. I am safe."
¨ No.338
1511190179911.jpg–(291.95KB, 1280x960, 4795FA74-7358-4C75-8F60-64F2019A79E1.jpeg)
Wat fk
¨ No.339
You ain't wearing anything from the waist down, are you? That fleshy Vienna sausage of yours standing at attention like a lighthouse beacon, signaling to all of dangerous waters?

File: 1511068507267.jpg–(45.07KB, 580x557, IMG_3232.JPG)
No.331  [Reply]
Where do I find girls with short hair? Is there a place or self-description that associates with short-haired girls who aren't lesbians or fucked in the head? I live in a pretty populated area and they are still a vast minority even in circles of artsy people.
¨ No.332
Shave them yourself after you capture them.
¨ No.333
1511101622707.jpg–(98.39KB, 960x720, [Coalgirls]_Cardcaptor_Sakura_10_(960x720_Blu-ray_)
You could always look for alopecia support groups for women but I imagine there's a bunch of bald-head fetishists perving on them. I once met a woman who seemed politically anti-hair and shaved her head by choice, and she was straight and was fairly normal otherwise.

Depends on what you mean by short hair, I guess. That has different meaning depending on who you talk to, but short hair is pretty in fashion right now even if most women can't pull it off without looking butch or cancerous. If they have short hair but no visible tattoos, then you're in business.
¨ No.334
How about you suck on my clock, OP? Then kiss me and I'll drink myself from your stupid face hole. Then I'll force you to bang my blowhole until I faint from heat exhaustion and die. Then you can have my fishy carcass to ravage with your pretty little pecker.

File: 1510997390883.jpg–(47.85KB, 640x480, 26d.jpg)
No.327  [Reply]
I come back all these years later and you niggers nuked your site? What about angryboku.jpeg and Hoegaarden?
¨ No.328
99chan where 5 of the threads on the front page are meta threads.
¨ No.329
I'm the mother of four children by five different fathers and I crave the comfort and stability of a committed relationship.

File: 1510971480607.webm–(5.64MB, 640x360, 2:16, Duh Kangz History of Zimbabwe n sheeit.webm)
No.325  [Reply]
¨ No.326
It's funny when white and/or rich people pretend like building schools and hospitals for themselves automatically means everyone gets them.

File: 1510931794552.png–(67.86KB, 509x418, 1510896756067.png)
No.322  [Reply]
wtf is this place?
¨ No.323
A graveyard and the memorial for obscure jokes and inside humor long forgotten.
¨ No.324
This is where little girls discuss fashion.

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